What if you were told that you could do whatever you wanted with your life? As simple as this may sound, we are often caught up in getting a good job, making a lot of money, and ultimately falling under societal expectations of “success.” But what if Chattanooga were a place with no expectations and no limits? Rachel Raisin expands on this idea by telling us her tale of making a thousand origami paper cranes. She encourages us in Chattanooga to align ourselves despite our differences and recognize that we don’t always have to do what society demands.

About Rachel

Rachel Raisin, a senior at Girls Preparatory School, dedicates her life to helping others. As President of the Community Service Leadership Council at GPS, she can often be found out in the Chattanooga community. Along with her efforts to better the community, she is also an avid visual artist. She is currently working on her portfolio for AP Drawing, with a concentration named “Crushed, Crinkled, and Cracked.” Her work was recently selected to be shown in the Palate to Palette art show. In May 2015, Raisin attended ALA Volunteer Girls State in Nashville. This intensive weeklong program promotes good citizenship.