Music is a direct conduit to the brain and can have amazing benefits to persons challenged with motor, speech, and cognition issues. The powerful outcomes of music in the brain are well known in the upper circles of neuroscience professionals, but not so well known on the street, where much benefit could be realized for those with Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, Traumatic Brain Injury, autism, and stroke. Creating unique networks of doctors, therapists, educators, musicians, researchers, and caregivers will provide new ways for us to use the power of music and benefit us all.

About Martha

Summa-Chadwick has enjoyed diverse careers as concert pianist, educator, computer programmer, and advocate for the use of music in therapy. The inspiration to merge these careers came while she was teaching a neuro-typical piano student who had a younger sibling with autism. When the request was made to also teach the sibling to play the piano, the amazing results launched her quest to discover how music works within the brain and central nervous system. She directs the Music Therapy Gateway In Communications, Inc. (MTGIC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness of the benefits of music in therapeutic environments.