Are the sacrifices modern parents make to improve their families’ lifestyles and prepare their children for success actually leading to happier lives? The Carisch family found a surprising answer to this question. They took an extended leave of absence from their hectic life to travel and volunteer around the globe. The experience gave this typical American family a new perspective on the life they were creating together. Tracey Carisch will share the lessons her family learned during their around-the-world adventure and the changes they’re now making back at home to create a more balanced, meaningful, and happy life journey.

About Tracey

In spring 2014, Tracey Carisch left her successful career and with her husband and their three young daughters embarked on a journey around the world that would take them through 24 countries on six continents over the next 18 months. At the heart of their decision to take this dramatic life turn was the increasingly frenetic pace of modern family life. As the family assisted with education programs in Ethiopia, cared for dying animals in Thailand, served drug addicts in Bolivia and helped with dozens of other projects around the world, the family gained a new perspective. Her blog,, chronicled the family’s adventure with her writing and her husband’s photography.