When you are born in an underserved part of the city, the odds are stacked against you. Add the loss of a parent, and statistics say you fall right on track to be unsuccessful. As part of the underserved, you will likely not finish school; if you’re a man, it is highly unlikely. As a young female, statistically speaking, you will likely give birth to multiple children by multiple men. Poverty is your sentence, but exposure, education, and empowerment can be game changers for the underserved.

About Linda

Linda Murray Bullard is the owner of LSMB Business Solutions, LLC, a business and personal development consulting firm. She also formed the LSMB Mastermind Group, which teaches a small group of business owners how to monetize their business ideas.

Bullard is the author and self-publisher of The Well Ran Dry: Memoirs of a Motherless Child, which is an autobiographical account of what it was like to be raised without her mother as well as being a teen mom. The book was accepted by the Library of Congress for their general collection in 2013 and was awarded Best Autobiography of 2014 by the Georgia Arts Neo Soul and Poetry Awards.